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If you live in a metro, chances are, catching a few chilled beers at the end of the day is the only thing that keeps you sane! But let’s face it – going out for a drink can get expensive, especially in this economy. How many times have you landed at a pub and placed your first order, only to learn that you’ve missed the ‘happy hours’ by half an hour? Or that they don’t have Happy Hours going on Mondays? Or (gasp!) ever? Or that it’s a dry day? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could plan your night-out based on the nearest ‘Happy Hour’ deals around you?

Well, this is where Bootlegger, your booze Man Friday, comes in. We bring you the lowdown on the places that have the longest, the best, the happiest Happy Hours in your city! We dig up those shiny, happy bargains that scream ‘Buy One Get One Free’, ‘Unlimited Beer Buffet’, and ‘Complimentary Round of Drinks’, and keep you pocket-happy! What’s more, we keep track of ‘Dry days’ so that you are prepared well in advance, and are not left high and, well, dry!

From pubs in the hood to 5-star lounges, from friendly neighbourhood joints to hole-in-the-wall bars, we have major cities covered! So whether you are planning an office party, a night-out with friends or a romantic date, never miss an extra round of your favourite drink! Simply search for Happy Hours near you or enter a specific destination in and around your location, and get the best bang for your buck! So swing by for happy hour and you’ll likely end up staying for dinner – without burning a hole in your pocket!

What say, Ganpat?

P.S.  Bootlegger.in doesn’t promote or advocate the sale of liquor online. Information provided on happy hours is on as-is basis only and we are not liable for inaccurate offers. You must be over the age of 25 to access this website!

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  1. zenia irani, 07/08/2013 9:48 am - About us

    Love the initiative!

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  2. Vaibhav, 24/10/2013 8:57 am - About us

    Good work! Come up with an iOS and Android app soon!

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  3. Anu Prabhakar, 09/04/2014 10:07 am - About us

    My name is Anu and I work for Midday newspaper in Mumbai as a reporter. Is there an email id/number I can use to get in touch with you? This is for an article.

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Bootlegger.in brings you the best Happy Hour deals in pubs, bars & restaurants across major cities! From pubs in the hood to 5-star lounges, from friendly neighbourhood joints to hole-in-the-wall bars, we have you covered! Know more..