Give Us This Day, Our Daily Beer…

…with some happy hours thrown in! Well, the apocalypse has come and gone, and now we have no choice but to live. Which would have been fine if the conditions were actually conducive to ‘living’, and by that I mean our salaries matched pace with inflation, the bosses were benign and not be stalking our desks in their appraisal-season-evil-avatar, the neighbours were not forever stealing our parking space, the auto-walahs were not fudging their meters (40 bucks from Jalsa to Pratiksha, you gotta be kidding me!), and most importantly, booze was CHEAP! If we are going to brave the peak-hour Juhu Gully traffic to reach a pub, with our hatchbacks guzzling Rs 74.43 between one bumper and another, we better get our money’s worth. We don’t want to be ushered into a fancy place and be seated, only to be told that we are 1 minute 53 seconds too late for ‘happy hours’. Sounds familiar? Well, here’s help!

Enter, your friendly neighbourhood guide to all things C2H5OH. A meeting place for those who like their grain in liquid form. The wine aficionados, the martini babes, the stout lovers, the gin & tonic buffs, the vodka mamas, the IPL gang, the biker boys, and them lovely ladies who love a tall glass! We will hunt for restaurants, pubs and bars that offer the best Happy Hours in Mumbai! We will dig up special beer offers, cocktail discounts and wine deals! However, this website is an open community and we’d love for you to be involved and share what you know with our fellow members!

So talk to us about your favourite pubs, bars, lounges, restaurants and drinking holes in Mumbai. The kind that allow you to spend four happy hours discussing Gabbar’s strategy, Kangna Ranaut’s accent and Bhajji’s temper, without burning a hole in your pocket. Let us in on the best liquor deals in town. Tell us where we can get cheap tequila shots. Show us the best budget bars and pubs. Share with us the names of your best drinking buddies and your pet dog. Send us pictures of your beer bottle collection. Shout at us, drink with us and tell us everything. Help us get to know you, beer belly and all!

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