Top 10 Exotic Happy Hour Cocktails in Mumbai!


Most people are adventurous about sampling a variety of cuisines, but when it comes to booze, they end up ordering the same go-to drink – red wine, beer or the usual Mojitos. How often do you venture out of your comfort zone and try a new drink that defies your imagination and pushes your taste buds? Well, now you have an excuse to, because we’ve rounded up ten unusual cocktails that you can try out in Mumbai. And the best part is, all of these drinks are available during HAPPY HOURS or are part of all-you-can-drink buffets!

1. Jameson Sperm at The Irish House Kala Ghoda & Lower Parel: The risqué name apart, this is a refreshingly original drink that combines the smooth, triple-distilled, Jameson Irish whisky with orange juice and pink grape juice! This heady concoction is then served over crushed ice and brought to you with the expectation that you act all Irish and not stop at just one drink!

Priced at: Rs. 480

Available During Happy Hours: Yes

2. Kokum Cooler at Tote on the Turf: It’s interesting that the uber cool eatery, frequented by the fascinating ladies in their hats and fascinators has picked up the humble kokum and given it an interesting spin! A curious blend of vodka, kokum syrup and half-sprite half-soda, this drink is worth making a trek to Mahalaxmi!

Priced at: Rs. 562 (inclusive of taxes)

Available During Happy Hours: Yes

3. Paradaish at Six Degrees, The Leela: This sip of heaven is a delightful mix of vodka, grapefruit juice and ginger juice, shaken together and served in a chic martini glass. A nectar good enough to appease us, earthlings!

Priced at: Rs. 825 (plus taxes)

Available During Happy Hours: Yes

4. Red Devil Cocktail at Manchester United Café Bar: The bartender’s personal favourite, this potent potion is a crazy blend of 5 white spirits and 6 dark spirits, topped with 4 fresh fruit juices, poured over crushed ice. Truly, the devil’s poison!

Priced at: Rs. 825 (plus taxes)

Available During Happy Hours: Yes

5. Ultimate Electric Lemonade at TGI Fridays: Charge up your batteries with this high‐voltage blend of Smirnoff Vodka, Blue Curacao, sweet and sour mix and lemon-lime soda, served over crushed ice. Have it and you’ll surely thank the bartender!

Priced at: Rs. 400 (plus taxes)

Available During Happy Hours: Yes

6. Forest Club at Rainforest Resto-Bar: Their signature cocktail, this mischievous drink contains Bacardi White Rum, Blue Curacao, Vodka, Malibu, Sprite, litchi juice and ice. The orange garnishing gives it the perfect tangy edge.

Priced at: Rs. 375 (plus taxes)

Available During Happy Hours: No, but if you try it on Tuesdays, you get Rs. 20% off

7. Black Grapes-Mint Caprioska at Woodside Inn: An all-time favourite, this drink is a mood-lifter and contains all things nice – crushed mint muddled with black grapes, Smirnoff vodka and sugar syrup and garnished with lemon wedges. No one can have just one!

Priced at: Rs. 595 (all inclusive) for UNLIMITED Cocktails between 4 – 7 PM, Monday to Friday

8. Spicy-Vicy at 36 Oak & Barley: This sweet n’ spicy drink packs a punch with jalapenos, green olives, vodka, olive-and-jalapeno brine, gherkins, lime juice and sugar syrup mercilessly muddled together and shaken with ice! Highly recommended when you need a spicy kick!

Priced at: Rs. 500 (plus taxes)

Available During Happy Hours: Yes

9. Bitter Fortune at Hakkasan: Kick karma in the shins with a big gulp of this crazy cocktail. Gin, Pink Grapefruit juice, Aperol Bitter and lime combine together to create a powerful drink that will tickle your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

Priced at: Available as part of weekend lunch with UNLIMITED alcohol, priced at Rs. 2886 (all inclusive)

10. Anarkali at 36 Oak & Barley: If the name didn’t pique your interest, the description surely will. This beauty contains Ciroc Vodka, fresh pomegranate juice, lime and fresh mint shaken together and poured into chilled glass. Get your Salim to buy it for you!

Priced at: Rs. 850.

Available During Happy Hours: Yes

Happy drinking!

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